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Version: v5

Payment Dashboard

Access to this functionality is currently restricted to Enterprise customers.


The SDK-only trial integration for the Payment use case depends on calling the trackTransaction method. Each method call generates a payment event, which is processed and has a risk assessment and supporting evidence attributed to it.

Upon completing this integration, you'll have access to the Payment Dashboard that shows a detailed analysis of the risk assessments provided by Incognia for each payment.

Risk Assessments Dashboard - Payment use case

For each new payment, we present the ID, the Account ID, the Incognia risk assessment, the final decision made by your fraud team, and the timestamp of the event. It is also possible to filter the entries and export the data to a CSV.

Available filters and export link

Detailed evidence#

For each new payment, Incognia provides detailed evidence based on the location behavioral profile of these mobile users. The evidence is supported by location and device data collected by the Incognia SDK.

Evidence supporting a high risk assessment

The image above shows the evidence that backs up a high-risk assessment. In this example, the account was created through a device related to previously detected or reported frauds (Fraud reputation). This device also is an emulator with root access or is jailbroken alongside with other fake data (GPS spoofing and it's not from an official store). This information, along with the other presented data, explains the given risk assessment.

You can fully understand the available evidence at Understanding Incognia evidence.