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Version: v5

Understanding correlation and status

Through the User Status API, you can check the status of the user's address verification (Address Verification feature) and the correlation of this verification. The status field indicates whether the verification could be evaluated or not, while the correlation field indicates the association that was created between the address declared by the user and the behavior of the device.

The status field possible values are described below:

Possible valueDescription
PENDINGProbably an installation from a new device, we're collecting data.
UNEVALUABLELocation permission is denied or permission is given but the location services are disabled. It can be also caused because we received no meaningful data from the installation within the timeout period.
EVALUATEDWe received enough data from the installation and the correlation is stable.

The status and correlation fields have the following associations:

  • If status is PENDING, correlation is ABSENT.
    • Probably will change in the future.
  • If status is UNEVALUABLE, correlation is ABSENT.
    • Probably means the user didn't give location permission.
  • If status is EVALUATED, correlation is:
    • ZERO when indicating an actual no match.
    • LOW when it's in the initial understanding of the user behavior.
    • MEDIUM when we have some understanding information.
    • HIGH when we have the best understanding of the user behavior.
    • WATCHLISTED when the device has either been previously reported as fraudulent or has been presenting consistent suspicious behavior.