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Version: v6

Installation ID

The Installation ID is a unique identifier that is automatically generated for each instance of the mobile app. It is used to reference a specific installation when interacting with the Incognia APIs.

Once generated, the Installation ID remains the same until the user re-installs the app or clears its data.

You should retrieve the Installation ID from the SDK and associate it with user metadata in order to be able to use the Incognia APIs correctly.

Obtaining the Installation ID#

The following code shows how to obtain the Installation ID using the Incognia SDK:

// This method may return null if the SDK has not yet been initialized or if an error occurs on initialization.val installationId = Incognia.getInstallationId()
// HttpURLConnectionhttpUrlConnection.setRequestProperty("Incognia-Installation-ID", installationId)
// Send the request with the installationId to your backend server