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Version: v6

SDK Footprint


The Android SDK has a size of 415KB, using Proguard and excluding Google Play Services sizes as they may vary. We use the following Android Libraries: Google Play Services Ads, Google Play Services Location, and Google Play Services Android Support Library v4

The iOS SDK increases the size of your app by 1.5MB. The download size of the iOS frameworks is bigger since it contains the necessary files to support multiple architectures.

Battery consumption#

On average, the Incognia SDK consumes 0.5% of a device's battery per day.

The Android SDK has a default configuration that maximizes the visit detection without impacting the battery. As we collect location in the background, we avoid waking the application whenever possible and reduce network and GPS requests. It is possible to increase the frequency of visit detection depending on client needs.

On the iOS SDK, Apple's Visits Service is used, which is the most power-efficient way of gathering location data. We also batch network and GPS requests whenever possible.

Network data#

Most of the SDK data is accumulated and synced on a daily basis prioritizing using Wi-Fi over mobile networks when the payload size is greater than 30 Kb. The daily average network data usage is about 230 Kb: 200 Kb over Wi-Fi and 30 Kb over the mobile network.

Data that is relevant for anti-fraud purposes, such as location data, is sent as soon as possible.