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Version: v5

SDK-only to production

The SDK-only trial integration for Enterprise customers provides a way to test Incognia without needing to integrate the web APIs and through to a dashboard that displays Incognia's risk scores for relevant application events.

However, this type of integration is only meant to be used in trials and proofs of value. To fully benefit from Incognia and take advantage of Incognia's risk scores in production, the Incognia APIs must be used.

Removing the IncogniaDemo methods#

The SDK-only trial integration revolves around using the SDK IncogniaDemo methods. These methods serve to generate relevant events while in a trial and should be removed when moving to the production integration, as these same events will be sent by your backend server through the APIs.

Methods that should be removed are the following:


Production integration#

To use the Incognia APIs, you must forward the Installation ID as a request header or as a property of the request body in every relevant request made from your app to your backend server that will use Incognia's risk assessments (e.g., signup, login, or a payment request).

More information about this setup can be found on the production integration page.